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A just inclusive, healthy and educated world, inhabited by citizens who care for the deprived and in need. Action for Health, Education and Disability. 

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Working together increases the potential for success in Education, health, and enhances and inclusive work in the UK and overseas. 


It all starts from somewhere. Our purpose is the foundations that lay out our plans of action


Our charity aims to network and build with other organisations

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We are open and welcome to the ideas of those who are working towards change

Health Care

We aim to provide health care support in the UK and overseas

Trustees visiting Lab technician at Milton margai college

Our Mission, Our Visions and Our Values

The objectives of the charity are: Disability awareness and response, education of young and adolescent and provide health care support in the UK and overseas.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa


Johannes Mallah Jr

Chair of Ahead International

What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential through our intervention programmes

We Raise & Fund

Our fundraising programmes focus solely on raising funds to be able to facilitate the projects we create.

We Provide Care

We provide medical care and tackle other health issues within various parts of the world.

We Educate

Education is a big part of our programmes and ethos. Our educational projects bring meaning to those in need.

We Are Global

We have staff ansd members of our charity working all over the world to ensure that help is needed.

Countries discriminate against women
0 +
Million children die from malnutrition each year
0 +
Million children were in relatively low income
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Million of the global poor live in areas with high flood risks

Areas of Intervention

Focus on mental health and learning disabilities and support an inclusive approach. 
A world with educated, empowered and healthy children and adolescent capable of realising their full potential. 

We will focus on the provision of work in centres and mobile clinics to facilitate diagnostic services.

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Your generosity could provide support to children, adolescents and help for families in need

Meet Our Trustees

Johannes Mallah Jr

Sorie Kabba

John Mcfarlane

Abdulrahman Conteh

Mrs Hannah Mallah

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